Infinio – Accelrate your storage

Storage and performance of storage in my lab is always an issue…Thus I have reading and researching technologies which will fix the issue I have.

Infinio is such a start-up company offering a downloadable (Software ONLY) solution to accelerate your storage!

It works with VMware only currently and NFS storage only…but the technology does seem to be adaptable to other storage formats, IE: Block storage?

It uses 8GB/ESXi hosts to create a distributed (across ESXi hosts) acceleration level between ESXi and the storage. It does need local storage on the ESXi hosts or another datastore…maybe an iSCSI or FC datastore?

It is an easy install and fairly automated. It thus creates a fully distributed accelerated layer spanning all your ESXi hosts.

Visit there site here:

Additionally you can also view their video’s and some comments form Duncan Epping here:


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