Hi all…

I thought I would share my recent move or changeover from one ISP to another. Now granted for many this is not an issue…but in South Africa, it IS a real issue as the services offered, quality and effort differs like day from night.

Quick history: I have been using ADSL for a long time, upgrading etc. as needed. The last year+ was probably the worst in any Internet users life. Constant issues of downtime, slow ADSL, horrific latency’s etc. My ISP, shrugged their shoulders at me as the ADSL line is provided by the only last mile provider in South Africa (known to many as Helkom). I finally cracked and decided to put in a wireless solution.

I have been using their services for 3 weeks and I am as happy as a Pig in mud!!

Gone are latency’s, gone are the slow performance due to climate, or bad copper, or just…whatever!

Bitco has various options available. I went for the 6 Mbps (5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up) option. It fits my pocket, is almost the same cost I am currently paying for the ADSL option I have…only much better!

To explain why, let me give you a day in my life, and you shall see why:

Wake-up in the morning, probably the first thing I grab is my phone, silencing the alarm. As I tear my eyes open, I usually unlock the phone (iPhone 6, fingerprint), check the time, and open my first app, a news app. Now I am up, next thing I open is Flipboard, quickly browse to see what is happening in the world, might read a couple of quick articles, browse my email I received during the night (I work for an international company so 24 hour email is common, news groups, software releases and general emails).

Of to the shower, getting dressed, feed the cats (two short air Persians). OK, off to my home office to start my day. First just need to grab a cup-o-coffee and a mug of yogurt!

At my desk, Outlook opened, email streaming in, I see a meeting request from my manager, Skype call. I need to setup a WebEX with the customer I am working with to discuss the design I am working on with them. I also open my GMail, more email.

I receive regular newsletters or marketing emails form a couple of on-line shops locally, some interesting stuff, click links to open web browser, Skype Call starting with Manager. We need to discuss some development plans, sharing a spreadsheet via WebEX. Once done with the Skype call, I see there is a new version of some of our software out, need the latest code base to check. Start download via browser, it is an appliance OVA, 3GB?!

WebEX session with customer starting. Audio, and Screen control. I need to show them some design choices in the recently built POC environment, also sharing the design document. All smooth running so far. Skype Call from Project manager…

Download now at 25%. Midday. I was at the customer in Nigeria last week, took some photos in the Hotel, customer DC and the traffic, those photos are now uploading to iCloud and backed up to Google+.

WebEX done with customer. Last email responses done. Download now at 80%. Photos done uploading. Dropbox notification: Design uploaded by one of my colleagues! Skype call from him. Quick discussion of the design as I need to review it for him in a peer review. Again sharing via WebEX and Skype call.

Download now at 95%. I received and email from a colleague asking for a Visio diagram I did, respond back with 5MB Visio file and project plan, 3 MB.

Download done!! I can deploy in my homeLAB. Need the Installation and configuration guide, Web browser, search for the PDF and download, 12MB file…5 minutes.

Last changes to my design and saved. Syncing via SugarSync. Need to watch a couple of YouTube video tutorials of the new Appliance I downloaded. videos are streaming smoothly…no issues, no lag and no stuttering!!

Workday is at an end. But not completely. I still need to download that game I received an email about that is on special on my Steam account. Some other games updating. I see a new episode of TwiT, release, downloading.

It is late, time for bed. Tomorrow is a new day!

From the above you can see that during a day, I am really reliant on the internet and having quick reliable access. Since moving to Bitco, this has been a real possibility. Gone are the stuttering WebEX session, Skype poor quality, slow downloads, non-existent uploads and forever syncing issues!!

ooooo, Yes, did I mention I share the internet with a family of two teenagers, my wife and my mom?

PS: If you are living in South Africa (Gauten, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit and Durban) do yourself a favor and make the switch!!



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