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Getting ready for VMware VSAN

Hi everyone….

I am in the process of getting ready for VMware VSAN! So in order to re-build homeLAB I needed to spend some hard earned cash on some SSD’s.

So to satisfy the VSAN requirements for homeLAB I bought two additional Sandisk SSD’s (256GB)

SanDisk SSD

I also decided to add two oldies I have into the fry. These OCZ SSD’s (120GB) I initially bought as upgrades to two laptops I had, but will find them much more useful in homeLAB with VSAN. So in they go!


All I need is VMware VSAN! The BETA should be available soon….so if you have not yet registered? Goto VMware VSAN Beta registration and register to get notified once the BETA is available!


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