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VMware new Hand-On-Labs available for VMworld 2013

Hi everyone….

Quick goto:

And get the all new VMware Hands-on-Labs that is available….Learn all the new things that was launched at VMworld 2013!

Personal favorites:

• HOL-SDC-1302 � vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1302
• HOL-SDC-1304 � vSphere Performance Optimization – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1304
• HOL-SDC-1305 � Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery In Action – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1305
• HOL-SDC-1307 � vCloud Automation Solutions – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1307
• HOL-SDC-1308 � Virtual Storage Solutions – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1308
• HOL-SDC-1313 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Infrastructure Provisioning (IaaS) – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1313
• HOL-SDC-1314 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Application Provisioning (PaaS) – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1314
• HOL-SDC-1315 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Control & Compliance – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1315
• HOL-SDC-1316 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Quality of Service – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1316
• HOL-SDC-1317 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Business Critical Applications – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1317
• HOL-SDC-1318 � vCloud Suite Use Cases � Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Enroll in HOL-SDC-1318

Go check it out now!


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