Questions from the field – 1

Questions from the field:

1. VMRC console support via Proxy server: Is this supported? Not now but in future?

2. vCloud Licensing: How are we licensing vCloud? Per VM? and Per vCenter instance, and what about vSM? Does it protect only those VM’s licensed per vCenter instance or cumulative?

3. vCD web management/Cell to vCenter delays: What is the maximum time before timeout between vCD Cell change and vCenter actions? IE: If I perform a vApp start in vCD…how long time delay should I expect before the action is performed in vCenter?

4. vCD stretched across geographical sites: Can I use vCD in a vCenter stretched environment IE: vCenter manage two clusters, one local site another in a remote well-connected site?


1. Chris Collotti has a very good posting on his site regarding the VMRC proxy. Please go read up here:

2. Vcd is licensed per vm that is created inside vCD. vSM is per named user ( like an admin user/not the users that consume access to request services..but rather the users administrating the system) – Hugo Strydom

3. Think its 15min…or 900 Seconds

4. Yes, you need to ensure that the VC that manage the remote site have adequate bandwidth…vCD issues commands to vcenter to do tasks…exeption to that is the vCD agent install. – Hugo Strydom


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